The success and prosperity of Wes Edens in entrepreneurship

Most of the financial gurus who have excelled in business today have worked hard to be where they are today. Those who are willing to venture into investment can first learn from the mistakes and successes of others before deciding to invest. Wes Edens is an entrepreneur who started from a humble background, but he has used every opportunity to be at the top of the financial world. Although he has faced challenges in his investment journey, he learned from his failures and worked hard to change the failures into success. The current chairman of Fortress Investment Group is now recognized for the great success in business. More about of Wes Edens at

Today Wes Edens has been listed one of the top successful professionals by Forbes. The entrepreneur who is based in New York has been in the financial industry for decades, and he has learned the ropes of succeeding in the field. He has started many successful ventures and has also sold part of his companies, and that is why he joined the list of top billionaires in Forbes. Edens is always looking for the available options to expand his businesses. That is why he is always willing to partner with companies and other successful entrepreneurs because he believes it can be difficult to succeed without working with others.

Throughout his financial career, Wes Edens has worked with others to be where he is now. For example, after graduation, he went to work with Lehman Brothers. He was outstanding at the company, and soon he became a partner. Later, he went to work with BlackRock Financial and acquired a lot of experience and skills to excel in entrepreneurship. After acquiring the necessary skills to run large organizations in the financial world, Wes Edens decided to start a venture that would enable him to achieve his dreams in the investment world.

He was determined to run his own company, but he knew to work with others was the best option to succeed. He met with his friends who are also financial gurus, and the idea of Fortress Investment Group was born. They have been running Fortress Investment Group successfully using a combined effort.

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Felipe Montoro Jens: The titan of the finance industry

In the world of finance and particularly in Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens is a reputable and a well-established name. He has 25 years of experience in the international business sector. Felipe has a Bachelor’s degree in finance and Masters of business administration from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Having acquired a strong academic foundation, Felipe was ready to face the stiff competition for the few available employment spots. He has never been stagnant in his career. He has accepted numerous roles in the corporate world in Brazil which earned him crucial experience and expertise in an array of business sectors such as energy generation as well as chemical development. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

With 25 years of professional experience, Felipe Montoro Jens has had the privilege to work in multiple companies across different countries worldwide. He has also worked for some of the greatest multinational companies such as Price water house Coopers. As he gained experience, he took key positions in companies such as Enron and Enel. This earned him a job in Portugal in 2015. This was a very demanding position as it required extensive knowledge in numerous fields.

Currently, Felipe specializes in infrastructures development. This is a perfect match for his extensive skills as well as experience gained in his previous roles. His previous roles prepared him as the ideal person for his current roles as the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. also; he holds other positions in high ranking energy companies where he is responsible for infrastructure and other tasks such as economic waste management. Felipe is accountable for innovating solutions that state governments would apply for efficient waste disposal regarding impact to the environment and at a minimum overall cost. Since his breakthrough to the corporate world, Felipe has offered nothing less than quality services. He has been an exceptional business leader and today and into the future.

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Jingdong Uses a Technological Intervention That Assists Bookstores to Increase Their Revenue

Recently, a majority of bookstores across the globe have been experiencing a decline in traffic on their online stores. Reduced sales accompany this shortcoming due to the emergence of internet companies like Jingdong. It is because this company operates a thriving online bookstore and offers a quick solution to the procurement of this product. versus Tangning Books

For this reason, Jingdong has decided to work with bookstores such as Tangning Books by helping them expand their e-commerce business. With the use of its vast technology, this company intends to modernize Tangning supply chains and increase their sales. The two companies work together by acquiring books from inventory and sending them to clients using the latest technology to ensure that they reach consumers with minimal delays. Tangning has also made it easy for its customers to acquire books it does not have by enabling them to scan using QR codes and having them delivered by Since the two organizations began working together, Tangning has significantly reduced its yearly turnover to 220 days. This intervention has given the company a competitive advantage over its numerous competitors in the marketplace. Aside from Tangning, Jingdong continues to help more companies grow using its RaaS solutions.


Jingdong also commonly known as is the third largest internet company in the world and is located in China. Before, it was known as 360buy and was founded by entrepreneur Liu Qiangdong. The company has generated revenue amounting to $362.3 billion. Jingdong trades on NASDAQ and its shares go for US$21.45. Based on how much it has grown, the company competes against companies such as the Alibaba-run Tmall. This conglomerate started as a retail shop before going online. As the business became, it began to diversify its portfolio with the sale of mobile phones, electronics, and computers. In 2004, the company set up its first online store. This changes came with remaining of the company to and launch of a new business logo. Since then, the company has continued to conquer new markets with increased use of technology to deliver goods to clients. Currently, the company uses robots, drones, and autonomous technology as a form of AI delivery. Jingdong has the most diverse drone delivery system in the world.

James River Capital CEO Paul Saunders Offers Some Expert Advise Related To Employee Burnout

Paul Saunders serves as a principal and founding member of James River Capital. He also works with James River Financial Corp. and James River Capital Corp. as their CEO and chairman. He has worked in the financial industry for many years and knows how stressful the working world of today can be. Many people simply burnout over time as their personal life adds in more stress. The best thing that someone can do, today, is to pay close attention to their own lives so they can head burnout off before it even begins to take place. Learn more:

Many employees begin to feel burned out when they can’t seem to manage their time properly and have no flexibility at work. This can be remedied by allowing employees to have some time at the start of the day so they can create an outline of what they would like to accomplish that day. Not being transparent with employees can also make them feel worn out and disenamored. If an employee feels like they are not being paid enough or that they have been skipped over when they should have been promoted, they will begin to feel negatively about the company they work for. The best way to remedy this is to be up front and honest when letting employees know about decisions that have been made regarding them.

Employers can sometimes recognize a burned out employee by the way they behave. Being moody is a pretty regular thing for people who have become tired of their job. It is best to have a talk with employees who are behaving this way so they can understand that they are valued and that their employer is there for them. Employees may also exhibit a loss in confidence when they are beginning to feel burned out. An individual experiencing this may not want to take part in many different work activities or they may just do the bare minimum needed to get through the day. Workers in this kind of situation can be encouraged by helping them to set small goals that they can easily accomplish.

James River Capital was created in 1986 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. In 1995, the company was acquired by Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders who made a move to make it into an independent investment firm. The company now manages more than $570 million and is a registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Since the change, James River Capital has won a slew of awards and continues to expand steadily. The investment company uses event driven strategies, equity strategies, and multi-strategy investing to find success and has focused on a range of alternative investments to create a diverse portfolio.

Who Is Brian Torchin?

Who is Brian Torchin? Simply put he is an entrepreneur who made his own chiropractic practice and developed HCRC Staffing service. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Later studying at the New York Chiropractic College. This lead to him opening his chiropractic practice in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Find out more about Brian at

Upon graduation Brian Torchin learned of the need for professionals out of college to get assistance in finding employment. He also discovered while building his practice that it was difficult to find employees that fit within the office staff. Business and practices lack the time and resources to find people who are not only qualified but are able to fit in with the goals of the practice. From this newfound knowledge he formed HCRC Staffing. Using his service allows for gainful employment of health care professionals who have just graduated or who are looking for a new career. They guarantee professionalism and reliability in their service to privde professionals for health care practices. The company has grown to be able to provide services in all of the United States and other continents. The company holds over 200 clients across the map and world wide.

Brian Torchin’s skills do not stop there. While forming his hiring service he also maintained a growing chiropractic practice. Social media depicts his professionalism and positive responses to his services. A lot of information can be found on his social media accounts. Not only does he post links to guide people to his practice but other health care information. He also is known to post interesting information about the struggles in the health care field and challenges faced by those searching for employment. This is also someone who keeps up blogs and has written articles that have been published in CNN Magazine and Digital Journal. He writes about many different medical concerns and tries to offer solutions for challenges within the industry.

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Gulf Coast Western Making Great Strides into the Oil and Gas Sector

The main focus of the Gulf Coast western is to take the domestic oil and gas which are in the Gulf Coast region. It looks for companies that have the potential for high returns. Mathew Fleeger is the chief executive officer and focuses on having transparent relationships with his partners. The company has gone into partnerships with Orbit energy partner who enabled it to obtain property rights. Also, Gulf Coast Western was able to develop several prospects in Evangeline, Acadia, Cameron, Landry parishes and Allen.

The other partnership was with Northcote energy limited; the company allowed Gulf Coast to expand into Southeast Louisiana. The partnership has allowed Gulf Coast to develop a multi-well drilling program in Cockfield, Wilcox, and Frio. Gulf Coast so acquired working interest in salt water disposal. Some of the assets that the company acquired are operating saltwater disposal. The company has gone into partnership with collaborations they had done business with.

The company’s partners have been in more than one joint venture. Gulf Coast western has a rating of A+ with the better business bureau all thanks to its business integrity and principles of ethics. Mathew Fleeger has massive experience in the oil and gas, tanning and waste management sector.

For his hard work, he has been listed in the Who’s Who of Business professionals. Fleeger is recognized for contract negotiation, strategic planning, entrepreneurial abilities, and team building. He previously founded the med solution which is a company that specialized in treatment and disposal of medical wastes from healthcare companies.

Fleeger was the president and chief executive officer of the company for 13 years. He later sold the company to Stericycle Inc. Fleeger has achieved success as an entrepreneur in the tanning industry. As an entrepreneur, he has founded two enterprises. That have shown great success from the time they were founded.

Thanks to the Efforts and Knowledge of Peter Briger Fortress Investment Group Continues to Thrive

Accomplishing its goals seems to be much easier for Fortress Investment Group since it fell under the rule of Mr. Peter Briger. The firm now manages more property than every before, and it has also steadily grown its market since he rose to the top. Canada’s Intrawest was a company that Briger helped the organization with acquiring. He was also instrumental in the 2007 decision by Fortress Investment Group to begin with a special type of stocks to offer to potential buyers. This was known as an IPO, and many other companies have followed suit and launched their own IPO’s in the years since Fortress paved the way. Check out to learn more about Peter Briger.

Recently, there was a special deal that saw Fortress Investment Group be purchased by a massive technology business hailing from Japan, which is called SoftBank. Peter Briger’s previous expertise with Japanese and Asian markets was something that Fortress was definitely lucky to be able to leverage during the negotiation of that deal. Peter Briger gained this expertise while he was in another financial company, which bears a name that will be well-recognized by most — Goldman, Sachs & Co. Most people would have difficulty attaining a position at any strong investment firm, but it certainly says a lot about Peter Briger’s skills and reputation that he was able to fill important roles at two such organizations.

The man who Fortress Investment Group now calls principal and chairman doesn’t just have impressive professional experience to show for himself, though. Peter Briger has an academic past that is just as impressive, and he even was an undergraduate student at the competitive Ivy league institution, Princeton University! Between graduating form Princeton and entering the sector he would ultimately find success in, Peter Briger completed the necessary classes for his MBA at Pennsylvania University’s business school, which is called Wharton Business School. He is certainly putting what he learned there to good use, which is great new for Fortress Investment Group. The firm has assets valued in the eight figures, and it is of the utmost importance to have someone extremely knowledgeable serving the role of principal.

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Why Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm Has Silicon Valley’s Attention

As Silicon Valley tech firms continue to dominate markets at home and abroad, few figures from the region have developed quite a high profile as Shervin Pishevar. A former venture capital CEO with an astounding ability to invest in winning companies such as Airbnb and Uber, Shervin Pishevar rose to fame as a key figure in the wake of the “gig economy,” a movement Pishevar himself helped create, and his huge fan base in the tech world has made him something of a guru in business innovation circles across the globe.

In a recent 21-hour tweet storm that took Silicon Valley by surprise, Shervin Pishevar delivered stunning predictions about the future state of the market and investments such as Bitcoin. Telling his 90,000-plus followers that US markets were due to crash by 6000 points in coming months, Pishevar was adamant that investors should tread carefully with their stock purchases in the future. Pishevar seemed more positive about the prospect of Bitcoin regaining its peak value, however, stating his belief that the alternative currency would pick up strength in the near future. For crypto-currency fans, this was good news indeed: Bitcoin was an extremely profitable investment in 2017, but a drop in value early in 2018 has left investors disappointed.

With his self-assertive investing style and his willingness to take big risks on unorthodox companies, Shervin Pishevar is no stranger to controversy. Considering his ability to spot tomorrow’s leading companies while they’re still in their development phase, however, it looks like Shervin Pishevar may have a better understanding of the marketplace than most elite investors of his field. Considering the competition Pishevar is up against, that is saying something indeed.

Sunday Riley’s New Acid Serum Good Genes

Sunday Riley, the cult beauty brand, launched in 2009 and was founded by the woman with the same name. She views making beauty products as an art form through trial and error and learned about cosmetics on the job. She is proud of all of the products on her line, and if she isn’t satisfied with a product, then she cuts it from her line. Sunday Riley says that she takes hundreds of times to get the products right before she’s pleased with them.

Good Genes all-in-one lactic acid treatment is one of the more challenging products that Sunday Riley has made. Her job in creating these products is a dream come true, but she has no illusions that she is the brand and vice versa. She feels humbled for being trusted by so many women to have a great product. Good Genes by Sunday Riley brand works well with all skin colors and will reduce ingrown hairs and help solve them. You can use it day or night, it being more of a serum, and doesn’t make the skin too sensitive to the sun. There are not many acid treatments in the skin care industry, so with the brand loyalty she has, she feels that she can make this acid sell.

Sunday Riley tries to not obsessively stalk her brand’s product comments on social media as she doesn’t want to connect with fear or with praise. With praise, the product Good Genes make many people look great, and word of mouth has helped her tremendously with that product with an uptick in sales.

Sunday Riley was named by her father in the hopes that she would go into business someday which was fortuitous because she did. Her first makeup line was pared down many years ago, as it was too ambitious and didn’t have enough brand clout to keep going. Now, with that clout, she is free to work on makeup products like she is and continue to please her niche customer base.

Jason Hope Helps SENS Research Anti-Aging Treatments

Diseases related to aging can be devastating to both those who receive the diagnosis and their loved ones. In today’s world of medicine, these illnesses are generally only treated when they have already been diagnosed and there isn’t much done to prevent them from happening. Jason Hope wants this to change and hopes that regenerative biotechnology becomes more popular in the future. Organizations like the SENS Research Foundation are dedicated to this cause to change the way aging and its related health problems are treated in order to prevent them from happening and to reverse the damage that they have caused.

In order to help the SENS Research Foundation, which was founded by Peter Theil, Jason Hope made a sizeable donation of $500,000 in order to advance their research efforts. They were able to create the Cambridge SENS Laboratory with the donations that they have received. In addition, they created a new age-related disease research program that is working to find ways to reduce the metabolic waste known as AGE in the body. AGE, or advanced glycation end can lead to many different degenerative illnesses when they accumulate in the body. Jason Hope understands that the research process to address this will be lengthy, but he also believes that it is worth the investment.

There are many differences between how the human body functions and how the bodies of animals function. This has led to problems when researching methods to produce anti-aging medications that are effective in humans. With further research, Jason Hope is confident that they will be able to produce breakthrough treatments for these illnesses. By addressing the causes of age-related diseases before they happen, people and their families will not have to live through the pain and stress that they can cause.

Jason Hope is known for being a futurist who is driven to advance the human race into the future in many different ways. He currently holds the position of Director at the Arizona Science Center. As an entrepreneur, he is focused on startups and biotechnology while still maintaining a passion for philanthropy. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is also involved in politics.

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