Securus Makes Talking To Our Cousin Easy

We are very happy with the way that Securus is helping us talk to our cousin, and I downloaded the app on my phone so that I could talk to my cousin any time. Securus has a completely secure connection, and I was really happy to find out that the video calls were clearer than anything I had seen before. My whole life got a lot easier because I could check in with my cousin instead of driving five hours to the jail, and then I was able to get my family on the same plan.
We all have Securus on our mobile devices now, and that means that any of us can call in when we want to. We have been trying to make it easy for our cousin to get through this hard time, and that is why we have been calling in as often as we can. It is very easy for us to make the calls when it is time, and we also know that we are going to have a much easier time checking in and making sure he is alright.

The video calls from Securus are set up to make life simpler for all of us, and Securus has proven to be secure. We are really happy with the way that it works, and I have been able to have very long calls with my cousin. None of us have had any dropped calls, and it helps him because none of us will be able to drive there. There is just so much that we are able to talk about now that we are using Securus, and we have planned for what we are going to do when he gets out. Our family has been able to stick together with help from Securus America and their app. Source article from PR Newswire.


John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Reaches Fundraising Goal

The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is one of the leading cultural institutions in America. Recently this organization reached its goal of raising $50 million or more and now looks to raise up to $75 million as a result. By reaching its fundraising goals, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is now able to improve its operations, provide better training for its staff and management and also expand its events for others to see. In order for this organization to reach its fundraising goals it relied on the donations of a number of wealthy and influential individuals. One of these wealthy and influential people is businessman Dick DeVos. With his contributions as well as the others, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has now been able to establish itself as a premier institution of providing culture an entertainment for many people.

One of the main donors of the performing arts center is Dick DeVos who has made a number of contributions to artistic causes and organizations for many years. In fact Dick is a very passionate follower of the performing arts and therefore strives to make these types of organizations reach their potential. As well as making contributions to organizations that offer fine art and performing art exhibitions, he also holds contests. These contests offer many artists and performers the opportunity to show people their talents and also win incentives if they win the contests. Therefore DeVos has helped make artistic organizations improve in quality as well as make it easier for artists to be noticed.

Another one of DeVos’ charitable endeavors is education. He offers a number of scholarships which help students attend business school. With this program students will have the opportunity to get funding to complete this very beneficial educational program. Since this particular program is quite costly, DeVos offers students the opportunity to afford this program and receive a number of benefits. These include improved job opportunities, the ability to more easily reach their career goals and also help gain the knowledge necessary to become top executives at a number of companies and also start their own company. Dick also provides donations to business related causes. These include helping people acquire real estate in order to help start or expand their business. It also includes getting funds for scholarships to attend school and receive more business education as well.