Traveling Vineyard – Become A Wine Guide

Successful firms acquire the right materials as well as efficient equipment in order to produce quality products. Traveling Vineyard uses this concept to produce high-quality wine. It sources for the right grapes in different parts of the world and continually upgrades its production equipment to maintain the quality of its wine. In addition, it utilizes a unique marketing concept rarely employed by wine firms. The model of free home wine tasting was initiated 6 years ago and has since born fruits.

Traveling Vineyard uses self-employed wine consultants called Wine Guides, tasked with marketing and selling the firm’s wine. The organization trains and assigns them regions to market the commodity. Wine Guides market by scheduling free wine tasting days with potential clients and earn commissions by selling the product. Utilizing this model has helped the company cut down on sales and marketing expenditures. Furthermore, the firm has increased its overall market share, thus increased profitability.

A Wine Guide in Traveling Vineyard earns income, has flexible working hours, networks, and gets fulfillment without sacrificing other obligations. Friendship is also a common consequence of being a wine guide due to regional meetings and an annual harvest. This helps wine guides meet each other and discuss ideas about how to market the company and make more money in the future. Traveling Vineyard’s social media presence has increased in the past three years, and its Facebook page alone has more than 30,000 likes. Therefore, the company has a portfolio of existing and potential customers.

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The Quincy: Luxury Apartment Community

On the corner of Neilson and New Street just off Route 18, is The Quincy, a luxury apartment community that features some of the newest and most modern housing units that lie in the heart of New Brunswick. These apartments are at the top of the luxury, and excellent living list and they offer more than just a place to live.



They have amenities that include:



  • A fitness center that features top notch equipment for your healthy and awesome workouts that keep the citizens here fit.



  • A yoga studio for all your yoga needs which are all the rage now.



  • There is a pet spa that will be very convenient for all your beloved animals.



  • A dog park that has a dog gym to make sure that your dogs get room to play and exercise for their health.



  • A bike room that includes the Quincy bike share program which is great because you can get bikes easily



  • There is a modern clubroom with great lights, services, and drinks.



  • There is the theater style entertainment room with media equipment.



  • The rooftop pool with cabanas.



  • A lot of parking spaces.



  • A residential coffee bar because we all love coffee.



  • There are also storage units.



The guys who built this place must have thought of everything because you can only leave this place if you are going to work or the hospital. It has everything.



The Hear Of New Brunswick



This is the model community with its amenities and very well structured living system. They are well located from the Financial and Arts district which is close to the city. There are the local places that you can chill out and relax.



This luxury community has the best houses you can find anywhere with fully completed kitchens, and great views, two bedrooms, and the floor space are insane.



The Quincy Shooting (October 7th, 2015) – The crime happened when a resident of the apartments was assailed by someone who shot him before fleeing. This was after a series of crimes that made the complex a bit of a crime hotspot. He had minor injuries only.



The Quincy Pizza Robbery (May 7th, 2013) – A New Brunswick man was charged with armed robbery of a pizza delivery man, and he has been identified as a regular criminal with the crew and gang ties. He was taken to the Middlesex County Correction Centre and is no threat.



On a happy ending, The Quincy is a luxurious apartment complex with great amenities and moneyed individuals who unwittingly attract crime.