Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Green Structure Homes. Barbara enrolled in the Mercer University where she specialized in Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She graduated from the university in the year 2001.

Still studying in the same university, Barbara also studied numerous other subjects like Technical communication, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing and Management, and structures and properties of material. These subjects are also applicable in the Green House Structure. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Before joining the Green House Structure firm, Barbara had also worked in other organizations like Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She boasts of her experience in government contracting. Barbara also feels honored to serve the United States government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Moreover, she is a lively volunteer to the Huntsville society. The team of the Huntsville -based company works profoundly with the private sector and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide commercial solutions and also safe and permanent housing.

They are aiming to do this by applying the techniques in manufacturing and engineering. Barbara aims at bringing a difference in the lives of people the same way medics do. She borrowed the idea of applying the technical knowledge and also understanding in the Green Structure Home from the medical professionals.

According to Barbara, the Green Structure Homes is privileged to have the best-skilled engineering and design team. She works with the team all days to ensure that the suggestions are effectively brought to completion. Read this article at

The firm also is striving to bring about more durable, safer and comfortable homes to the users. The rapid increase of women leadership in business impresses Barbra. She wishes that this may happen to the next generations.

Barbara Stokes also explains that it is good for an entrepreneur to spare some time and be with the family. It helps to see the worth of your hard work. It is also good to focus on the growth of the business. She advises them to be strong and also give a listening ear to the right people around you.

According to Barbara, entrepreneurs should not be kept away from their game by the fear of striking out. She also advised them to read the book by the title The Story of Success.


ClassDojo Is Creating Communities For Teachers

The ClassDojo educational app is swooping the nation with their approach to bringing students, teachers, and parents together in one location. The app is cultivating a space where everyone gets more involved. At first, the goal was to give parents a chance to keep updated on their children and also giving the kids a place to share their accomplishments in class to their parents. In this day and space, however, we are finding that teachers are getting a kick out of it because of the community that is building within the teachers who are using ClassDojo.

For Stephanie Smith, she teaches in Tennessee and wrote a blog on the ClassDojo website talking about how teaching can definitely be a lonely profession. You work long hours only speaking to children and you find yourself barely ever communicating with anybody within the district. She found ClassDojo to be perfect for what she needed to meet other teachers. With teachers all throughout Linkedin Twitter, Stephanie found herself amongst thousands of other teachers from across the nation to learn from each other and brainstorm with one another.

Not only has it been a way to connect digitally, but teachers are meeting up at conferences and even doing video calls, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. ClassDojo has given so many teachers a space to learn from other teachers and stay connected with others without the limited need to meet people within the same school or district. Teachers are loving the way they can connect and meet other teachers to learn about different technology and strategies to better their students in class.

ClassDojo is a place where teachers and students can collaborate to show parents what’s going on in school. The app helps cultivate a sense of community to help build stronger relationships between teacher and student, alongside parent and teacher. Using a variety of activities and different forms of media like video and photos, ClassDojo is the perfect app for bringing everyone together. Not only are parents growing their kids in the classroom digitally, the app is giving teachers a place to learn as well.


Robert Ivy Wins The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

About Robert Ivy.
Robert Ivy became the CEO and EVP of American Institute of Architects (AIA). As an alumnus of Sewanee: The University of the South, he received a Bachelor of Arts in English. Ivy has a Masters of Architecture which he earned from Tulane University.

He has worked as Editor in Chief of Architectural Record and also Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media which includes several magazine platforms.

Ivy earns a lifetime achievement award.
The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters targets to honor Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. It is the first time that the Polk Award has been given to an architect. Polk Award seeks to recognize artists that have a background and connection to Mississippi. The awardees need to have an extraordinary impact in their lifetime through their art efforts for them to qualify to be candidates for the Polk Awards.

The MIAL President, Nancy Laforge has praised Robert Ivy. She has recognized him as an architect whose work easily appeals to the public. The AIA President Carl Elefante congratulated Robert Ivy stating that he will receive this award since he is a successful native of Mississippi as an author, editor and practicing architect. He has dramatically influenced the global success of AIA from the time he became its CEO in 2011. In its history map, it has the highest number of membership.

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Other Awards won by Robert Ivy.
Robert Ivy will receive this award on June 2, 2018. In the same date, Andrew Cary Young will receive the Polk Award. Young is a stained-glass designer who works for Pearl River Glass Studio. This memorable event will take place at Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

While working for Architectural Record, Ivy earned awards such as the American Society of Magazine Editors’ National Magazine Award. Under his leadership, the Architectural Record won many awards including the Jesse H. Neal Awards and the 2008 MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year.

The American Institute of Architectures (AIA).
AIA was founded in 1857. It is a company involved in the construction of high quality and secure buildings. It also seeks to uphold policies that favor public and economic thriving in all the places where it has enrolled members.

AIA aids its members in every way possible that they can be successful in their workplaces. The company also engages the government and public to arrive at decisions and come up with solutions to counter problems in the society.


Peter Briger’s Lifetime Achievements

Peter Briger is a Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fortress Investment Group, one of the biggest international alternative asset managers. Peter Briger has the knack of handling essential business deals related to the financial industry. He was employed by Fortress in 2002, and immediately built the company’s real estate and securities business, which is a different form of venture that did not involve Fortress’s main business in equities management.When 2015 came, Peter Briger assembled a team within fortress that effectively brought in $4.7 billion for the creation of a new fund, which was called the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV.

Aside from these phenomenal accomplishments he formed intelligent decisions regarding alternative and non-performing assets that afforded Pete Briger and the company the capacity to buy such assets at lo-cut prices.Peter Briger’s forte is to acquire plenty of alternative assets at low prices which and sells them afterwards at a higher cost in order to have a substantial gain. He similarly possesses an exemplary ability in creating business deals that provides huge gains from distressed assets, majority of which are found in the different industries within the market. Prior to his roles as the Principal and Co-Chairman of Fortress, he served for fifteen years are Goldman, Sachs and Co. and then in 1996 became a Partner in the latter company. Pete Briger presided on various committees like the Committee on Global Control and Compliance, the Committee of Asian Management, and the Japanese Executive Committee.

At Goldman Sachs, Pete Briger co-founded the company’s Special Situations Group, and records have it that Briger and his team was the reason for Goldman Sachs’ high stream of revenue during the 2000s Great Recession.Due to Briger’s wise investing method, financial knowledge, and educational upbringing Goldman Sachs and Co. thrived when the markets were still reeling from the descent of the economy. Pete Briger finished his Bachelors of Arts from the Princeton University, and completed his MBA from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. His charitable activities include the sponsorship of the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund or AEF of the Princeton University. The AEF is a program that offers Princeton alumni’s the opportunity to become an entrepreneur where they will receive $100,000 dollars to start a venture. The Forbes list of the World’s richest has ranked Peter Briger as #407, and he has a projected net worth of about $2.3 billion in 2007.

Fortress Investment Group Acquires SuperValu Distribution Center

Fortress investment group is a highly diversified investment managing firm based in New York. The firm was established in 1998 as a private company but was later traded publicly after launching NYSE in February 2007. The firm specializes in various investment blueprints including credit, private equity, liquid hedge fund and traditional alternative assets across the globe. Fortress Investment Group has experienced rapid growth and has been rewarded a number of times. In 2014, the company was recognized by the institutional investor as the hedge fund manager of the year. The same year, Fortress investment group was named as the management firm of the year by HFMWeek. By 2016, the company was managing close to $70 billion of assets.Fortress Investment Group is also praised by their employees for offering them a great platform to exercise their skills and acquire vast knowledge of hedge fund management.

The employees also get high exposure and broaden their financial services skills as they undertake their duties. Fortress is also known for equipping the workers with various training to enhance their productivity in the organization. The company offers a well-equipped platform for employees to gain experience in financial services due to the fast-paced environment. The company under the current leadership has continued to thrive and experience rapid growth. Recently, Fortress Investment Group purchased SuperValu distribution center located in Pompano Beach. The facility that was purchased at $66.41 million is a plus to their national portfolio deal. The amount was sourced from Royal Bank of Canada as a mortgage. This is a significant deal for the Fortress as the facility is expected to bring in good profits.

Fortress Investment Group is a force of innovation and has some core areas of expertise which include operation management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions as well as asset investing management. Their asset management portfolio range from vehicles, real estate and capital. They enjoy vast expertise in managing financial and physical assets.The company also thrives in securing finances through equity markets and debts. The team has also acquired considerable experience in hedge funds, and hence they shine in managing mergers and acquisitions. The specialists have developed powerful mechanisms of extracting value from their investments deals.Fortress Investment Group has maintained a good relationship between both the stakeholders and corporate board members that enhances business. They have a good reputation, and their long tracks of records managing various investment companies have given Fortress an added advantage in the world of business.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a person whose personality is admirable. He is a certified doctor in medicine which was an interest that grew from a young age. The interest is motivated by his dreams as well as his surrounding environment. His father was a doctor too and Dr. Mark McKenna got the opportunity to do medical practice with his father after completion of his education. It is at this point that he desired to do more and beyond the limit. For this reason, he ventured into other businesses ventures as side hustles to boost his earning.

However, there was a hurricane some few years back that caused a lot of havoc destroying most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s ventures. He used the situation as a channel to assist his community to get back to normal and later relocated to a different city. The opportunity to serve people grew more as he got to specialize in his passion. He purposed to improve the medical care of the people.

The channel to improve the Medicare started by the commencing of a project namely, OVME. The company was created to open a channel where more people would access medical services which are of high quality. Dr. Mark McKenna has made the facility out of the modern way with the ability to accommodate different people.

The facility does not defile the privacy of patients as privacy is the main virtue upheld in all the operations. Therefore, it was built with private rooms which are of high quality and luxurious in the making. For this reason, the patients will have a comfortable environment created for treatment. There is also a private consultation office which enables the doctor to consult the patient making the process of identity, diagnosis, and treatment easy for the doctor.

The facility has brought an achievement in the medical sector as it is made with modern technological equipment. It also has great aesthetic medics which make the patients rely on the facility as it provides great medication. The grand opening of the company was a relief to many residents as it gives precise services which are not risky to the patients but ensure steady healing.

Guaranteed Body Fitness With Enhanced Athlete Brand

It can be quite discouraging committing to a certain diet or workout that you thought it could help in making your body fit but somehow there is no progress. Many give up but you are not their kind, you have logged in to the world where your health expectations are met, where you become a pro in guiding others on bodybuilding techniques and consequently where the real information is provided. Enhanced Athlete is there to guide you through the world of bodybuilding until you achieve the results you wanted.

Enhanced Athlete is committed to providing their clients with educational services on how they can lose some fat, body mass, and build muscles. Besides, they give professional advice to bodybuilding and fitness through their vast resources in form of videos. The brand has gained trust among many people because of the results that are realized and by the pioneering of the professional bodybuilder Dr. Tony Huge many have confidence on the Enhanced Athlete services and products.

Leading in the bodybuilding culture, the brand provides its customers and followers with the trending and current information in bodybuilding and fitness. This gives the clients freedom of making a sound decision on the direction they want their fitness future to move into. The reason why Enhanced Athlete has been able to jump hurdles during its recession periods is the way they maintained their core values like transparency, freedom of information and being truthful in everything. They have strongly held to their mission of educating consumers truthfully while giving them honest views on matters related to body fitness and enhancement.

Through their transparent business operations and non-discrimination care for everyone, Enhanced Athlete brand has maintained that societal spirit and got the trust of their clients. The freedom that their clients and fans have in expressing their experiences in their walls fosters togetherness and a common spirit that bonds the relationships.

The underlying thing that separates Enhanced Athlete from the rest of the brands is their goals. In EA, the goal has always been to provide facts to their consumers to enable them make an educated decision, to curb misinformation being exchanged over the internet, to sharpen the understanding of the consumers so that they will not be lied to, and to lead the bodybuilding field with their findings and research so as to provide their clients with the most efficient and effective products.

Enhanced Athlete brand prides in offering Enhanced Coaching which is careful done by professionals. The staffs help the clients by providing them with greatly personalized training schedules derived from the clients’ health, goals, availability, commitment and their body composition. The coaches provide online coaching, workout plans, weekly calls and assessment of their client’s physique. They have some special Enhanced gears for training and coaching. Fitness is now guaranteed with Enhanced Athlete.