Savvy Investor, Example Of Success: Wes Edens

When it comes to being a Savvy investor as well as an example of success there are many semblances in the world today. Among such people, there is a shining star that is here for all to behold. Such a star is none other than Wes Edens. Let’s take a look at some amazing facts about this Savvy investor and see just why he is an example of success today.Being born in 1961, Wes always had an interest and all things financial. It should be noted that he attended Oregon State University and it was at the University where Wes Edens obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. This when he became entrenched in the world of Finance.

As a Private Equity investor, he has the necessary skill and background to be a hedge fund manager.As co-founder of the famed Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Edens is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and persistence. Besides such noted accomplishments, he also owns the League of Legends team fight Court Flyquest.At Fortress Investment Group Mr. Edens is co-chairman of the board of directors in which when Stevens has gained his Fame from being a contrarian. Mr. Edens is a person that many would follow due to his innovative ways of generating capital. He started his career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers and from there he went to Blackrock’s private-equity division where he stayed until 1997.

But aside from his financial background, Wes is a fine example of being a man in that he is a dedicated husband to his wife and a dedicated father of four. With such attributes and aspects of his life, it is no wonder Wes Edens has been so successful today. What many already know about him as being the co-owner of the National Basketball Association team the Milwaukee Bucks, Mr. Edens has made his mark in the world of Finance and equity today.In conclusion, Wes Edens has set the standard when it comes to following your passion, pursuing your dreams, and doing your best to make them a reality. Through hard work, innovative investing techniques, and sheer will in the face of defeat, Wes Edens has set the standard or what it means to be at the top of any industry you are in. With such an example before us today, we can learn a lot from this man of vision.

Lime Crime’s Mega Beauty Options

As Andre Agassi stated years ago, “image is everything.” If you really think about it for a second, everyone has their own personal style. This personal style creates a unique image and everyone has one. People can find stylish inspiration from a number of sources, including celebrities as well as everyday people. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and we all have some form of natural beauty. Spring is the season of blossoming trends as this duration of weather is the start of the new year for a lot of people.

Fashion blogs and beauty magazines line the shelves with valuable information, with beauty tips and with beauty trends. What you personally do with the information is up to you. Of course, cosmetics will always be a part of the present trends because they can offer diversity in colors and offer diversity in textures. Lime Crime, a top-level beauty brand, has you covered for the spring season. This brand is exclusive, and it has a long list of dynamic colors such as:

  •  Red Velvet
  •  Scandal
  •  Wicked
  •  Black Velvet
  •  Flamingo
  •  Cement
  •  Zenon
  •  Utopia
  •  Alien
  •  And numerous others

One of the best solutions for possessing spring-time style is by using an eyeshadow. These products can be used everyday of the week, and they can offer plenty of variety. This particular brand has wonderful eyeshadow palettes that are known as “Venus,” Venus 2” and Venus XL.” There are standard sizes and there are compact sizes for people who are constantly on-the-go. These products can used before work, can be used during a lunch-break to spruce-up or can be used after exercising. The options are nearly endless with Lime Crime.

The color purple is “in” for the spring of 2018. Lime Crime’s new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette has plenty of purple hues such as lilac, plum, lavender and sangria. The Venus 3 eyeshadow palette was just released, and it is definitely living-up to the hype.

Highland Capital Management Latin American Connection

Highland Capital Management is a company that is focusing on connecting with Latin America. The fact is that many financial investors were turned off and avoided developing financial connections with the economically troubled Latin America region. Certainly, this was primarily due to unstable currency rates along with high inflation. The area was also plagued by a significant economic downturn that caused many people to flee the country in fear. The Dallas, Texas based Highland Capital Management is focusing in on Argentina. They believe that this country has progressed significantly and requires reconsideration. Visit to know more.

Prime Investment Opportunities In Argentina

Highland Capitol Management firmly believes that now is a great time to consider investing in Argentina. Here is something to consider. Investors avoided other Latin American countries because of governments ruling the counties that halted economic growth. Many of those countries lacked natural resources and energy to make the country a viable resource or good financial investment. Highland Capital Management has offices in the Latin American region and they’ve noticed several important factors that persuaded them that Argentina is a good investment deal, waiting to happen. Argentina has a multitude of natural resources, a highly educated population, and a new government structure that does not stand in the way of economic progress. Read more about Highland Capital at


New Government

Why is Argentina suddenly at the forefront and companies are willing to take a risk and invest in the country? Certainly, it is due to the fact that a new government is in power in Argentina. Mauricio Macri is the new Argentinian president. His government is determined to change the policies of the past that held the country back economically. Those changes are in effect and changing the way that investors view the country. Argentina is on track to become another global power, if the changes to the country’s fiscal policies continue.

New Investment Strategies On The Horizon

Highland Capital has focused on Argentina and developed a new investment strategy that is primarily based on the economic policies that were placed in effect by the new Argentina president. Highland Capital Management strongly believes that the country is headed for a big economic turnaround, which is due to the changes made to the country’s fiscal policies.