The Effectiveness of Wen Hair Care Products

Anyone who watches television on a Sunday afternoon has probably seen a QVC infomercial for Wen hair care products at one time or another. They are highly endorsed by major women celebrities who claim the products totally changed their hair in a positive way. The creator of the products, who goes by “Chaz”, designed this special line of hair care products as part of a very unique hair maintenance system that takes some getting used to.

Regular shampoos have several chemicals in them that remove dirt, but they also strip away important natural oils from the hair too. This can leave hair brittle and dry. WEN Hair products work a little differently because they don’t contain any standard cleaners, just special oils. Also, instead of applying shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and a product for shine, only Wen cleansing conditioner is to be used.

Recently, a review on was done by Emily McClure discussing her week long testing of Wen hair care products. She mentioned that her hair is a little on the thin side naturally, but after using the Wen shampoo, it did feel a little thicker. She also noted that the amount of product that Chaz says should be used during showering is a lot more than most shampoos recommend. After a few days of using it, her hair was shinier but also more oily and weighted down.