James River Capital CEO Paul Saunders Offers Some Expert Advise Related To Employee Burnout

Paul Saunders serves as a principal and founding member of James River Capital. He also works with James River Financial Corp. and James River Capital Corp. as their CEO and chairman. He has worked in the financial industry for many years and knows how stressful the working world of today can be. Many people simply burnout over time as their personal life adds in more stress. The best thing that someone can do, today, is to pay close attention to their own lives so they can head burnout off before it even begins to take place. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc

Many employees begin to feel burned out when they can’t seem to manage their time properly and have no flexibility at work. This can be remedied by allowing employees to have some time at the start of the day so they can create an outline of what they would like to accomplish that day. Not being transparent with employees can also make them feel worn out and disenamored. If an employee feels like they are not being paid enough or that they have been skipped over when they should have been promoted, they will begin to feel negatively about the company they work for. The best way to remedy this is to be up front and honest when letting employees know about decisions that have been made regarding them.

Employers can sometimes recognize a burned out employee by the way they behave. Being moody is a pretty regular thing for people who have become tired of their job. It is best to have a talk with employees who are behaving this way so they can understand that they are valued and that their employer is there for them. Employees may also exhibit a loss in confidence when they are beginning to feel burned out. An individual experiencing this may not want to take part in many different work activities or they may just do the bare minimum needed to get through the day. Workers in this kind of situation can be encouraged by helping them to set small goals that they can easily accomplish.

James River Capital was created in 1986 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. In 1995, the company was acquired by Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders who made a move to make it into an independent investment firm. The company now manages more than $570 million and is a registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Since the change, James River Capital has won a slew of awards and continues to expand steadily. The investment company uses event driven strategies, equity strategies, and multi-strategy investing to find success and has focused on a range of alternative investments to create a diverse portfolio.

Thanks to the Efforts and Knowledge of Peter Briger Fortress Investment Group Continues to Thrive

Accomplishing its goals seems to be much easier for Fortress Investment Group since it fell under the rule of Mr. Peter Briger. The firm now manages more property than every before, and it has also steadily grown its market since he rose to the top. Canada’s Intrawest was a company that Briger helped the organization with acquiring. He was also instrumental in the 2007 decision by Fortress Investment Group to begin with a special type of stocks to offer to potential buyers. This was known as an IPO, and many other companies have followed suit and launched their own IPO’s in the years since Fortress paved the way. Check out salary.com to learn more about Peter Briger.

Recently, there was a special deal that saw Fortress Investment Group be purchased by a massive technology business hailing from Japan, which is called SoftBank. Peter Briger’s previous expertise with Japanese and Asian markets was something that Fortress was definitely lucky to be able to leverage during the negotiation of that deal. Peter Briger gained this expertise while he was in another financial company, which bears a name that will be well-recognized by most — Goldman, Sachs & Co. Most people would have difficulty attaining a position at any strong investment firm, but it certainly says a lot about Peter Briger’s skills and reputation that he was able to fill important roles at two such organizations.

The man who Fortress Investment Group now calls principal and chairman doesn’t just have impressive professional experience to show for himself, though. Peter Briger has an academic past that is just as impressive, and he even was an undergraduate student at the competitive Ivy league institution, Princeton University! Between graduating form Princeton and entering the sector he would ultimately find success in, Peter Briger completed the necessary classes for his MBA at Pennsylvania University’s business school, which is called Wharton Business School. He is certainly putting what he learned there to good use, which is great new for Fortress Investment Group. The firm has assets valued in the eight figures, and it is of the utmost importance to have someone extremely knowledgeable serving the role of principal.

Learn more: https://www.cnas.org/people/pete-briger


Why Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm Has Silicon Valley’s Attention

As Silicon Valley tech firms continue to dominate markets at home and abroad, few figures from the region have developed quite a high profile as Shervin Pishevar. A former venture capital CEO with an astounding ability to invest in winning companies such as Airbnb and Uber, Shervin Pishevar rose to fame as a key figure in the wake of the “gig economy,” a movement Pishevar himself helped create, and his huge fan base in the tech world has made him something of a guru in business innovation circles across the globe.

In a recent 21-hour tweet storm that took Silicon Valley by surprise, Shervin Pishevar delivered stunning predictions about the future state of the market and investments such as Bitcoin. Telling his 90,000-plus followers that US markets were due to crash by 6000 points in coming months, Pishevar was adamant that investors should tread carefully with their stock purchases in the future. Pishevar seemed more positive about the prospect of Bitcoin regaining its peak value, however, stating his belief that the alternative currency would pick up strength in the near future. For crypto-currency fans, this was good news indeed: Bitcoin was an extremely profitable investment in 2017, but a drop in value early in 2018 has left investors disappointed.

With his self-assertive investing style and his willingness to take big risks on unorthodox companies, Shervin Pishevar is no stranger to controversy. Considering his ability to spot tomorrow’s leading companies while they’re still in their development phase, however, it looks like Shervin Pishevar may have a better understanding of the marketplace than most elite investors of his field. Considering the competition Pishevar is up against, that is saying something indeed.

Flavio Maluf Has Put His Skills To Use To Advocate For Innovation In Marketing:

Flavio Maluf is a businessman from Brazil who heads up two major companies. He is the Chief Executive Officer at a firm called Eucatexand also serves as Grandfood’s President. His childhood was an interesting one as he grew up in a family that is heavily involved in the politics of Brazil. Taking note of the good examples that were provided to him by his family and in particular, his father, Flavio Maluf has built an impressive legacy for himself in the world of entrepreneurship.

Flavio Maluf’s company known as Eucatex was inspired by Flavio Maluf’s great-grandfather know as Salim. It was during the decade of the 1960s that Flavio’s father and also his uncle got into the industry of making lining out of wood fiber. The actual name of Eucatex came from the word Eucalyptus. Flavio Maluf is kept quite busy in his duties at Eucatex and he spends his days fulfilling an extensive agenda and attending the regular daily meetings. Flavio Maluf also likes to go down to the production floors at his facilities so he can inspect how the work is coming along. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf has also become a major advocate of the concept of inbound marketing and has discussed it at length. This concept is in regard to strategies for digital marketing as a way to bring in customers by way of shared content. Flavio has spent a lot of time pointing out the benefits of this strategy and also has spent a lot of time working to persuade those who have their doubts. Business owners in the agribusiness sector have been particularly resistant to this but Flavio Maluf has been working hard to change people’s minds. He argues that the ability for inbound marketing to help to draw in an audience is a technique that could greatly help agribusiness in the long run.

Follow: https://twitter.com/flavio_maluf

Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company that provides support services and home care mostly in Sussex. The organization runs about 20 homes that provide care to old people and those with learning or physical disabilities.

It has provided healthcare for over 25 years and has a lot of experience in offering person-centered services. It has acquired some excellent reputation based on its performance. When it started in 1985, it only had a single home. It has managed to grow ever since due it dedication and unique care philosophy. There are many homes in Sussex healthcare, and they are listed below.

Clemsfold House

The home is located three miles from Horsham. It is a lovely home having private and shared rooms. It specializes in dementia and elderly care. This home is the best choice for the aging singles or couples. It can accommodate about 30 residents. The environment is also suitable for those who love nature. There is a lake in the area, where you can observe different types of water birds. The doctors and nurses at the facility are very skilled.

Forest Lodge

This home is nestled with about eight acres of gardens. All Sussex Healthcare staff in the house are trained on the control of dementia and elderly care. The residents here are offered with good indoor activities and gardening activities. It also features private and shared rooms. Several lounges and a large dining room are available. In addition to these, the Lodge also has a country store and a café.

Horncastle House

This home is built near the East Grinstead. It is surrounded by about 15 acres of orchards, fountain gardens, and lush grass. There are private and shared suites with a total of 28 spaces. The home has central heating and modern updates. The staff is trained in dementia and Alzheimer diseases. It can also be accessed by younger people with neurological disorders and learning disabilities. It also has a huge dining room, which faces the garden. Sussex healthcare has invested in this home so that residents can enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. In case you need the best homecare Sussex Homecare is the way to go.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a person whose personality is admirable. He is a certified doctor in medicine which was an interest that grew from a young age. The interest is motivated by his dreams as well as his surrounding environment. His father was a doctor too and Dr. Mark McKenna got the opportunity to do medical practice with his father after completion of his education. It is at this point that he desired to do more and beyond the limit. For this reason, he ventured into other businesses ventures as side hustles to boost his earning.

However, there was a hurricane some few years back that caused a lot of havoc destroying most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s ventures. He used the situation as a channel to assist his community to get back to normal and later relocated to a different city. The opportunity to serve people grew more as he got to specialize in his passion. He purposed to improve the medical care of the people.

The channel to improve the Medicare started by the commencing of a project namely, OVME. The company was created to open a channel where more people would access medical services which are of high quality. Dr. Mark McKenna has made the facility out of the modern way with the ability to accommodate different people.

The facility does not defile the privacy of patients as privacy is the main virtue upheld in all the operations. Therefore, it was built with private rooms which are of high quality and luxurious in the making. For this reason, the patients will have a comfortable environment created for treatment. There is also a private consultation office which enables the doctor to consult the patient making the process of identity, diagnosis, and treatment easy for the doctor.

The facility has brought an achievement in the medical sector as it is made with modern technological equipment. It also has great aesthetic medics which make the patients rely on the facility as it provides great medication. The grand opening of the company was a relief to many residents as it gives precise services which are not risky to the patients but ensure steady healing.


“Anna and the King” Reigns as Favorite Lawrence Bender Film

Famed movie producer, Lawrence Bender, is behind oscar-nominated cult classics like Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds. Equally impressive is that he is also the producer of “Anna and the King”, my hands-down favorite of his films. Anna and the King is based on the true story of Anna Leonowens and her experiences teaching the children of the Siamese King Mongkut in the 19th century.

Growing up in New Jersey, Lawrence Bender was raised by parents fully devoted to the field of education. His mother was a kindergarten teacher and his father, a college professor. Perhaps this connection influenced Bender’s decision to attach himself to a project like “Anna and the King” that elevates the importance of education and understanding. Whatever Bender’s motivation, moviegoers everywhere have been rewarded with a beautiful film that combines a lush musical score, breathtaking scenery, and gorgeous period costumes to transport us to a far-away world in a time gone by.

While this historical romance takes artistic liberties with the relationship that existed between Leonowens and Mongkut, the conflicts these two historical figures encountered are displayed with accuracy and realism. As ancient traditions of the east collide with western ideas of colonialism, the viewer is invited to explore the themes of prejudice, honor, respect, and courage. Jodie Foster, who portrays Anna Leonowens, delivers a powerful performance as an intelligent woman willing to stand her ground for that which she believes, even in defiance of a king. Chow Yun-Fat, as King Mongkut, counters with an endearing portrayal of a proud leader accustomed to might who learns that strength is sometimes gained from humility.

The surface narrative tells the story of a white, English woman who accepts a Siamese king’s offer of a teaching position for his dozens of children. As this story unfolds, however, it’s clear that the lessons to be learned extend beyond the hearts of the children and the walls of their classroom. In a day and age where differences create tensions that can quickly destroy cultures and countries, “Anna and the King” is a Lawrence Bender film that reminds us that love and acceptance, while requiring time and patience, hold even greater power to change the world.


Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s President Hits The Headlines Again

Bob Reina is the chief executive officer and director of Talk Fusion Limited. He is a man of various talents and is skilled in maintaining order, advocating justice reforms as well as a relationship marketing director. Reina formed Talk Fusion Company when he was still serving as a police officer.


Talk Fusion is among the fast-growing video communication service firms at a global level. Mr. Bob established Talk Fusion with a primary focus of meeting the demands and requirements of customers at a reasonable price. This corporation deals with all kinds of enterprises, from the startup firms to the long-standing sales. The sole aim of Talk Fusion is to assist business owners to accomplish their target dreams. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/


According to Mr. Bob, small-scale enterprises also have an opportunity to achieve their level best with the creation of Talk Fusion when compared to the previous years, where success got attained by large corporations with higher investment. This firm provides quality services such as video chats, video emails, live meetings, video newsletters, video marketing solutions and product tips using an online platform.


Today, bookstore owners and hotel owners have the opportunity to connect with investors from different countries without the need to meet in big hotels. Talk Fusion has video newsletters that allow a dealer to share their business updates on a global scale. Video newsletters comprise completely featured templates and captivating videos which draw investors to your enterprise. With Talk Fusion, you get the opportunity to hold live meetings for improved growth of your business.


Bob Reina graduated from the South Florida University, where he was studying a bachelor’s degree in Criminology. His establishment, Talk Fusion is a member of direct selling companies which operate in Dubai. Bob adheres to the professional code of ethics as he performs his activities to make sure the needs of the customers get accomplished healthily.


Bob Reina and his company are involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. They donate generously to various non-profits societies such as Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and an orphanage located in Indonesia. The corporation allows its partners to offer free Video Suite programs to selected charities.




Equities First Holdings Wikipedia page information

Equities First Holdings was established in 2002. The company provides lending services for businesses and individual investors based on security. Their loans are given based on the risk and evaluation of future performance associated with stocks, bonds and treasuries. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Equities First Holdings also operates a satellite office in New York. The company’s leadership includes the president Al Christy Jr., the managing director Jeff Smith, and Joe McCarthy who serves as the head trader.

Equities First Holdings specializes in the development of products that provide liquidity efficiently at better terms through a secure and transparent process. Through its unique funding method that has more than 625 transactions, it provides clients with better financing terms and a lower cost capital compared to the conventional financing methods. The company’s operations are international, and its offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sidney, Singapore, London and Perth.

Equities First Holdings is privately owned, with approximately 50 employees. The company is ideal for those with a credit score that disqualifies them from getting conventional loans. According to the company CEO and founder, Christy Jr., their loans are collateralized by stocks. This provides an innovative alternative borrowing for those seeking working capital. A higher loan-to-value ratio characterizes these type of loans compared to margin loans. Their interest rates are also fixed; this enables them provide certainty throughout the transaction.

The Background, Upbringings, and Early Career of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is formerly one of the highest-paid executives – scratch that, the highest-paid executive in the United States in 2013 – in the entirety of the United States of America. Mr. Petrello currently isn’t paid more than all executives, although he still remains as one of the best paid with more than $15,000,000 in total compensation from data available from the most recent fiscal year.

Mr. Tony Petrello works for Nabors Industries Ltd., an energy giant listed on the Standard & Poor 500 originally founded as Anglo Energy Ltd. in 1968. Mr. Petrello took over as COO and President in 1991, immediately turning around its poor financial performance and translating it to the ultra-high financials of today, including a net income in excess of one billion United States Dollars off of only $2.22 billion, according to financial statements reporting on the fiscal year of 2016.

While Tony Petrello unarguably has an outstanding career, it’s far less clear to most people where he came from, his upbringing, personal life, early education, career, and other business related information. Let’s tear into this information, must-know for every investor and business buff around the United States.

Anthony “Tony” Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey, to a working-class family. Despite the fact that most executives around the world are born with silver spoons in their mouths, or at least into middle-class families that have it relatively easy, Tony Petrello wasn’t spawned onto our green earth with these privileges.

As soon as Tony was able to read, he started reading academic textbooks at the high school and college level, rapidly boosting his reading level from the youngest age that one can read imaginable.

All his peers, friends, family members, educators – really everybody who knew him or even knew of him – were fully aware of the young Tony Petrello’s ability to work math problems with unmatched accuracy and speed. As a result of these abilities, he was awarded a full scholarship to the ever-prestigious Yale University, where he would later study mathematics for a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

He had a change of heart and decided not to work in mathematics, instead hoping to become a lawyer. Tony went to Harvard Law School and went to work for Baker & McKenzie in New York state. It was here when he met executives at Nabors Industries. 12 years after working for the law firm, Nabors employees finally persuaded him to join their team.