Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Green Structure Homes. Barbara enrolled in the Mercer University where she specialized in Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She graduated from the university in the year 2001.

Still studying in the same university, Barbara also studied numerous other subjects like Technical communication, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing and Management, and structures and properties of material. These subjects are also applicable in the Green House Structure. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Before joining the Green House Structure firm, Barbara had also worked in other organizations like Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She boasts of her experience in government contracting. Barbara also feels honored to serve the United States government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Moreover, she is a lively volunteer to the Huntsville society. The team of the Huntsville -based company works profoundly with the private sector and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide commercial solutions and also safe and permanent housing.

They are aiming to do this by applying the techniques in manufacturing and engineering. Barbara aims at bringing a difference in the lives of people the same way medics do. She borrowed the idea of applying the technical knowledge and also understanding in the Green Structure Home from the medical professionals.

According to Barbara, the Green Structure Homes is privileged to have the best-skilled engineering and design team. She works with the team all days to ensure that the suggestions are effectively brought to completion. Read this article at

The firm also is striving to bring about more durable, safer and comfortable homes to the users. The rapid increase of women leadership in business impresses Barbra. She wishes that this may happen to the next generations.

Barbara Stokes also explains that it is good for an entrepreneur to spare some time and be with the family. It helps to see the worth of your hard work. It is also good to focus on the growth of the business. She advises them to be strong and also give a listening ear to the right people around you.

According to Barbara, entrepreneurs should not be kept away from their game by the fear of striking out. She also advised them to read the book by the title The Story of Success.