Organo Gold More Than Just Great Coffee

What can we say about Organo Gold? Well, before we can talk about the company and their product line, it is important that we talk about something else. Think of it like starting your day, there is one thing we need before we do anything and that is, well, to talk coffee. Do you know there are around 255 million coffee drinkers in North America alone? Most people drink around three to five cups of coffee each and every day. Coffee is the most consumed beverage next to water. Read the reviews at

There are a few things that Organo Gold say in their motto and business structure. Bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world. That is there motto. They have a saying that is very cool too and that is, it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee. Knowing that coffee is a beverage that is highly traded and consumed, it is easy to understand both of these phrases but, Organo Gold take it much deeper than what we see on the surface.

The business model combines coffee, the power of the internet, home based business, health and weightloss all in one. This says a lot but, how can their products measure up? Since when did coffee become healthy? Well, there are more and more studies that say coffee is good for you and with Organo Gold, it gets even better. Let’s talk about the exclusive and powerful ingredient inside the Organo Gold product line. This ingredient is called Ganoderma lucidum.

What is Ganoderma? It is known by the Chinese as the King of Herbs and was reserved for royalty. It was talked about and sought after during the Ming Dynasty. They wanted it for healing and longevity. It has no odor and is tasteless too. That means it can be consumed without any after taste associated with so many medicinal herbs.



The product line that is offered by Organo Gold is more than just coffee, but, the beverages alone are extensive and enjoyable to drink. You can get Black Coffee, Cafe Latte, King Of Coffee, Mocha, Supreme and even Hot Cocoa and a great selection of teas too. Each one has that extra special ingredient known as Ganoderma. This King of Herbs is simply a special form of mushroom. The mushroom is quite costly however, Organo Gold has secured a organic grower that allows them to purchase the mushroom at a great cost and pass the saving on in the form of affordable products. Visit to know more.