Clayton Hutson’s Road Success with DiGiCo

Clayton Hutson’s love for music began when he was a child. Hutson has worked with high profile celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’ Roses, Pink and Garbage. Over the years, he was able to make a name for himself in the music industry for excelling in his craft on production, design, and engineering.



Aaron Lewis, frontman, and founder of Staind was on a road tour to promote his solo album Town Line. With him are DiGiCo’s SD11 console (the very first one) that debut on the field and Clay Hutson, a DiGiCo user who was sporting various hats – read about the SD11 rack-mountable system. Hutson was quite interested to try it out for this particular tour with Lewis on churches, 700-seat casinos, honky-tonks and on a 50,000-seat open slot arena.



Hutson made use of every DiGiCo console that was available on the market. This includes numerous SD8s on a number of gigs and an SD7 on Maxwell’s tour last year.



He recounts that when he went on a tour with Marilyn Manson a decade ago, he used a hand-built D5, which was the very first piece that came out. Hutson said he took a risk that time in trying to use a new console, but then it worked perfectly as expected, and he has been a DiGiCo fanatic user since then.



Hutson would have wanted to bring his personal console with him during his tour with Lewis, however, the lack of budget prevented him from taking it along. To accommodate the unpredictable modes of his travel, what he really needs is a compact size mixing system that he can store in as baggage during flights or put away underneath the tour bus. And the answer to his dilemma was DiGiCo’s 19” SD11, which was literally small in terms of price and size.



Hutson continues to explain that it is difficult to achieve the uniformity and manageability he wants to have while working with sound companies that have different kinds of sound consoles. So when he spotted the SD11 on a website he made an appeal to be able to have it, and luckily the console appeared on the show day.



Clayton Hutson attributes his success on tour to owning a DiGiCo SD11. Having one was the best solution to the sound issues he was apprehensive of while on the road. And its excellent sonics and functionality features have never let him down.
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