Betsy DeVos’ philanthropic passion

Mrs. DeVos graduated from Holland Christian High School. Later, she proceeded to Calvin College in Grand Rapids in Michigan. Here she acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos. They are blessed with four Children and further five grandchildren. You will realize that both Dick and Betsy have something more significant in common beyond marriage and family. Both are philanthropists.

There are thousands of leaders in the world and particularly in the USA. Not all of them bring that important change. You will find a few who are passionate enough towards philanthropy. DeVos has built a reputation in giving without expecting anything in return. Betsy is an innovator, a leader, and an advocate. She has interests in education, politics, and Business. Over decades, DeVos has fought towards enacting change and creating an opportunity for people to thrive. She has also pushed for the removal of barriers.

Betsy DeVos has been in politics for a period of over 35years. She managed to win an election four times as the chairperson of Michigan Republican party. You should also know that DeVos has served in other political ranks like party composition leadership, political action committees, and operation roles.

Sometimes you are not able to be in two places at the same time. For DeVos, she has held positions in various fields ranging from, politics, and entrepreneurship and most importantly charity works. She is the former chairperson of the Windquest Group. She was a member and later a Chairperson of American Federation for Children from 2008 to 2016. She chaired Alliance for School Choice from 2008 to 2016. She is a board member at ArtPrize which was started by her son. She was philanthropy Roundtable board member from 2014 to 2016.

Between 2001 and 2008, she was part of Great Lakes Education Project. She became a board member of DeVos Institute for Arts Management between 2010 and 2016. She was appointed as a board member in Foundation for Excellent in Education. From these roles, you can give a cutting-edge evaluation of her leadership and management potential.

DeVos and her family have spent over $139million as donations throughout their lifetime. In 2005, DeVos gave a sum of $11.6 million as charity. In 2015, the family gave a total of $104milion as donations to various groups and foundations. It is indeed outstanding, but you must know that today the family is rated 24th on the list of top donors. Forbes does this rating.

In 2015, DeVos donated $3million towards supporting educational causes. This amounted to a 26% of the total donations towards that initiative for that year. In the same year, she gave $357,000 to reform education through relevant groups. Taking you further back, in 2013, she donated to some education centers. She gave $50,000 to Ferris State University, $25,000 to Detroit School Company, $200,000 to Potter’s House, $315,000 to Rehoboth Christian School and $50,000 to parent controlled schools based in New York.

The family has supported art and culture. They launched DeVos Institute of Arts Management at $22milion. In 2015, DeVos gave a sum of $2.4 million donations towards Art support. Betsy has also supported many civil and human rights groups. For instance, she provided $1.8 million in total to organizations relevant in this area. It is a philanthropic family that is geared towards making that critical difference. DeVos’ philanthropy extends beyond what you can imagine.


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