The Advantages of Visual Search Engine Technology

A burgeoning method of internet research comes in the form of visual search engine technology. There are so many pictures and videos available across the web today that finding one viewed briefly in the past can be difficult. Titles will vary between similar pictures and videos. Some who are posting them will name them in ways which are completely distinct, meaning specific web pages or groups can’t always be found through the title under which an image or video was originally viewed. But using visual search engine technology and image recognition on, all the websites featuring such images/videos can be found, and a person looking for something specific can get exactly what they need much more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, visual search engine technology makes using the camera on your cell-phone in the non-digital world to find something easier than ever before.

There are two primary ways in which images are “searched” across the internet today. One is based in the information defining the image; things like keywords and text associated with the picture. This will produce a group of pictures which are then sorted by their degree of relevance. Information used to find the image can concern the format in which the image is presented, the colors used, titles associated with it, etcetera.

The second way in which visual searches are regularly conducted is through example. Computer vision methods are used to compare images which are similar. Shape, color, texture, or any other bit of visual data is extracted from a given image and searched. Because of the complication involved, higher computational power is used. That said, this is a more efficient means of searching for an image than using its metadata, as said data can be extremely diverse. The best methods today combine aspects of both techniques for maximum results.

One of the most popular visual search engine options right now is Slyce, which combines cutting-edge technology with outstanding leadership in order to most efficiently meet client needs. Cellular technology makes visual searching something which, with greater and greater accuracy, is more relevant today than ever before. Slyce makes it so that snapping a picture of anything anywhere will produce the most appropriate results with speed and accuracy. Slyce is equipped to handle all images; whether they be one-dimensional (like a bar-code), two-dimensional (think coupons and magazine pictures), or three dimensional (actual products and the like). Currently Slyce has partnered with a number of high-profile technology organizations, including Offerpop, Photon, and the Purchase Decisions Network.

Groups like Slyce are making visual search engine technology more advantageous than ever before, and the market is only growing. It makes sense to get abreast of visual search engine tech., if only to keep from being left behind by its progressive reinvention of search engines everywhere.