ClassDojo Is Creating Communities For Teachers

The ClassDojo educational app is swooping the nation with their approach to bringing students, teachers, and parents together in one location. The app is cultivating a space where everyone gets more involved. At first, the goal was to give parents a chance to keep updated on their children and also giving the kids a place to share their accomplishments in class to their parents. In this day and space, however, we are finding that teachers are getting a kick out of it because of the community that is building within the teachers who are using ClassDojo.

For Stephanie Smith, she teaches in Tennessee and wrote a blog on the ClassDojo website talking about how teaching can definitely be a lonely profession. You work long hours only speaking to children and you find yourself barely ever communicating with anybody within the district. She found ClassDojo to be perfect for what she needed to meet other teachers. With teachers all throughout Linkedin Twitter, Stephanie found herself amongst thousands of other teachers from across the nation to learn from each other and brainstorm with one another.

Not only has it been a way to connect digitally, but teachers are meeting up at conferences and even doing video calls, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. ClassDojo has given so many teachers a space to learn from other teachers and stay connected with others without the limited need to meet people within the same school or district. Teachers are loving the way they can connect and meet other teachers to learn about different technology and strategies to better their students in class.

ClassDojo is a place where teachers and students can collaborate to show parents what’s going on in school. The app helps cultivate a sense of community to help build stronger relationships between teacher and student, alongside parent and teacher. Using a variety of activities and different forms of media like video and photos, ClassDojo is the perfect app for bringing everyone together. Not only are parents growing their kids in the classroom digitally, the app is giving teachers a place to learn as well.


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