Honey Birdette Shows Political Support For Key Issues Facing Australia

Honey Birdette has always been known as a luxury brand with its finger on the pulse of public opinion after becoming the first sensuality store to open its doors in Australia and across parts of Europe and the U.S. Unlike many brands the ethical issues facing the people of the world are not to be shied away from for Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan, who believes it is important the top retailers in the world should be willing to make their support or opposition to the key issues of the day known to their customers.

A recent flash mob organized by Honey Birdette showed the company is throwing its considerable weight behind the campaign to allow marriage equality to be recognized in Australia as the “#freethenipple” campaign was also supported by the protest march. Melbourne’s Central Business District has rarely witnessed a display of lingerie clad models and employees from Honey Birdette making their way through its streets to campaign before a public plebiscite on the topic of marriage equality that has proven controversial for many reasons.

Honey Birdette has always been willing to push the boundaries in its marketing campaigns, including the recent posting of a billboard outside its Rundle Mall location featuring the exposed nipple of a model. Eloise Monaghan has pointed out on a number of occasions her personal belief in promoting public debate about various subjects, including nudity and how it is perceived by the public.

Marketing experts believe the march has been impressive on two different fronts, including the fact public awareness has been drawn to an issue affecting a large percentage of the Australian population and employees of Honey Birdette. The brand has positioned itself alongside the majority of the public who have shown their support for marriage equality at a rate of around 70 percent.

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