Know About Bumble And Whitney Wolfe In 3 Minutes!

Whitney Wolfe was born in the year 1990 in Salt Lake City. Her parents raised her there until they moved to Paris when she was 11 years old. Later on, she returned to her hometown for her high school studies in preparation for college. After being rejected for a marketing/advertising course, Wolfe went to SMU and graduated with international relations. She spent one year at La Sorbonne while on campus and became fluent in French. Her primary goal in life is to help people.

Her philanthropy

After Whitney Wolfe had graduated, Wolfe spent more than half a year in Asia. She was working in orphanages in Cambodia and Thailand. She formed Tender Heart – clothing line with intent to raise awareness of fair trade clothing and human trafficking.

Entrepreneur journey

Wolfe’s entrepreneur journey began back in college. In fact, she has been called a genius in marketing and entrepreneurship by household names such as Bloomberg. Together with her partner Patrick Aufdenkam, she started to Help Us Project“. This nonprofit organization eventually became popular when many celebrities joined. Its proceeds were donated to the Ocean Futures Society.

After college, she joined Cardiff as a member of the marketing team, but the project never materialized. However, Wolfe never gave up. She mobilized her team to run with another project called matchbox. This app later became the multimillion company tinder. She is the co-founder of Tinder but left after two years since the company did not go along with her vision of creating a platform for kindness.


After some time on the sidelines, Wolfe was back on the scene with Bumble. She partnered with Andrey Andreev who is famous for Badoo to form Bumble. Studies have shown that a quarter of people on earth have tried using a dating site. Many of them have ended up finding friends, acquaintances and even love of their lives. One of the reasons why people use dating sites such as Bumble is because they are convenient. It is easier to find the kind of person you are looking for since they have listed it on their profile.


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