Investing In Gold Is Worth Pondering

Interest in gold investing is rather high. The interest levels are higher than they have been since the 1970’s. Concerns over monetary policy and constant reports of an impending global recession are contributing to this spiked interest in buying gold. There is logic at work here.

If currency drops in value, net worth can suffer. However, if currency is used to buy gold and the price of gold increases, a smart investment has been made.

People do like to hedge their investments with gold. Gold has maintained its value over the course of thousands of years. Gold, along with silver and platinum, is hardly going to cease being a valuable metal.

The price of gold is surely going to fluctuate on the open market, but demand for gold is always going to exist in one form or another. Hence, gold makes a good selection as an asset used for hedging and building an investment portfolio.

Entire governments are, in fact, hedging on gold. India, China, and Russia have all purchased massive reserves of gold. In the case of the latter two countries, the gold is being bought to hedge against weak currencies.

The average investor thinking about buying gold is not likely to purchase massive amounts of the metal. What exact percentage of a portfolio will be dedicated to gold is going to be based on the specific needs of the investor. Those who are not sure about how much gold to buy may find it best to speak with a financial advisor.

Jaws Youth Fund says that equally advisable would be to purchase from a trusted source of gold assets. U.S. Money Reserve of Austin, TX is a company that has facilitated the sale of millions of dollars of gold coins. The coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve are mainly ones produced by the U.S. Mint. The coins are legal tender in the United States and are backed by the United States federal government. Incidentally, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, is a former director of the U.S. Mint.

The legitimacy of coins produced by the U.S. Money Reserve is hardly disputable according to PR News Wire. The same cannot always be said of gold bars and bullion purchased from less-than-reputable sources. Investors should always look towards buying from an established seller with a strong track record.

And investors definitely should study the gold and precious metals market very closely. Better knowledge is sure to lead to more informed investing decisions.

Madison Street Capital’s CEO: The 2016 Emerging Leader’s Award Winner

Earlier this month, Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer, was announced the recipient of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award by The M&A Advisor. Madison Street Capital (MSC) is among the best boutique investment banks in the world which serves small to middle markets.

There were many other nominees for this year’s award who have impressive achievements in the industry. Anthony managed to edge all them and scoop the award because of his exceptional achievements and expertise he has exhibited in the industry. The nominations to the award were done by distinguished business leaders who formed the independent panel of judges. The award is generally very competitive and Anthony spoke of how grateful he was for being chosen as the winner.

The award was started in the United States in 2010 as the 40 Under 40 Awards. The award recognizes and celebrates young Financing, M&A and Turnaround professionals who have shown tremendous success and made remarkable contribution to the industry and to the community at large.

Anthony is the co-founder and also the Chief Operating Officer of the Madison Street Capital. He has been in the investment banking industry for 15 years garnering extensive experience in the process. He is also a Certified Valuator and Analyst and a member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. In 2015, Anthony was also honored by NACVA in its 40 Under Forty program. He was also nominated to participate in 2016 Crain’s Leadership Academy Program.

On June 10, this year, there will be a black tie Awards Gala in Manhattan, New York hosted by The M&A Advisor at the New York Athletic Club. It is at this gala where the Emerging Leaders Award winners will be introduced to the business community. Their achievements in their respective industries will be celebrated as well. The gala is an exclusive event where the past and present Emerging Leaders Award winners get an opportunity to pair with their peers and prominent personality in the industry.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital one of the leading boutique investment banks in the world. The firm is based in Chicago, Illinois and it has expanded its operations to the entire North America, Asia and Africa. In addition to employing experienced professionals with perfect knowledge in the industry, Madison Street Capital is dedicated to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in offering variety of services. This is what makes it one of the best boutique investment firms in the world.

The services that it provides include corporate financial advisory, M&A expertise, valuation, and financial opinions to both private and public business ventures. The services of the firm are proven and tested and you are therefore guaranteed of success in your business transactions.

Originally reported in Chicago Tribune

A Look At Some of Beneful’s Dog Food Products

Purinastore’s Beneful Dog food products are made by real meats and vitamin rich veggies. The products are in different tastes and textures that ensure the complete nourishment and well-being of dogs. The products are designed to ensure that the dogs get a balanced diet. The products are categorized depending on life and age. Beneful product line offers fourteen food recipes that have all met the AAFCO nutrient profiles for growth and maintenance. The recipes are such as Beneful Prepared Meals Beef Stew, Beneful Chopped Blends with Lamb, Beneful Prepared Meals Roasted Turkey Medley, Beneful Chopped Blends with Salmon and Beneful Prepared Meals Simmered Beef Entrée. The varieties are such as wet food, dry food and dog treats.
The dry dog food varieties are such as Beneful dry food originals ( with real beef. This product is made up of ingredients such as ground yellow corn, chicken by product meal, corn gluten meal, soy flour, spinach, peas, rice flour, meat and bone meal and carrots. It is crunchy and tender and dogs enjoy it pretty much. It is contained in 3.5 lb, 6.3lb, 15.5lb, 40lb and 44lb bags. The dry dog food category also has originals with real chicken. This product contains the same ingredients as the above with carrots, tomatoes and avocados.

The dog treats variety has a product called Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. It is designed to reduce plaque and tartar build up on dog’s teeth. It strengthens teeth and freshens breath. It is available in small/medium (7.4 oz pouch) and large (8.4 oz pouch).

Another dog treat variety is Healthy Smile Dental twists which serve the same purpose as the other dog treat. The Beneful wet dog food incredibites is another variety. It contains beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. It is designed for adult dogs and is packed in small bites.

One can also get their pet, Beneful chopped blends which contains beef, carrots, peas and barley. It is suitable for adult dogs and puppies. Using it in the right proportions will ensure that your pet is in the ideal body condition. The Tuscan Style Medley is made up of beef, carrots, rice and spinach. Its blend of meat and veggies is suitable for adult dogs and one can mix it up in any way to ensure complete satisfaction.

Investing In Gold Is Easy Using The US Money Reserve Coins

Investing in Gold has been one of the smartest ways people save their money. Gold has been around for thousands of years. People know that gold is a good way to diversify their investments.

Many countries are converting their paper money over to gold bars. Weight and purity determine it’s worth. If the gold is .999 percent pure, it is worth about 1235.

The United States Money Reserve houses hundreds of different coins that are easy to collect and save. These coins make the perfect gift for grandchildren. They guarantee their gold product. It has an AAA rating with the alliance.

One thing that people may need to consider is how they will convert their gold to cash when they need it. Most jewelry stores and pawn shops will help by purchasing gold for cash.

Some banks will convert the gold to cash in a heartbeat because they know gold is better than paper money any day.

When saving with gold people will think twice about spending their gold bars. A dollar in your pocket will only remain there until you hit the supermarket or the shopping mall. Gold will continue to increase in worth where the dollar may continue to go down in value.

Buying and saving Gold is one of the best ways to guarantee your savings. Gold prices are remaining fairly steady unlike the price of coins and the US Money Reserve. People all over are saving gold with bars and bouillon. Many people are purchasing old gold jewelry to melt down and save because of its value on the market.

Gold and silver have been one of the favorites for treasure hunters since the days of Western times. Panning for gold is one of the favorite past times for people. Gold is important and something very exciting to purchase or find.

The US Money Reserve is creating gold coins and medallions to help people to save for the future in style. Coins such as the Pearl Harbor coin, or Eagle coins will increase in worth but remain beautiful to the collector.

The U.S. Money reserve is one of the Americas most trusted ways for people to purchase pure Gold and silver. It has over three hundred thousand collectors and is trusted by the former US Mint director. Philip Diehl can tell you how important perfection is to this country. He will explain how you can save money and invest in precious metals for the future.

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The Advantages of Visual Search Engine Technology

A burgeoning method of internet research comes in the form of visual search engine technology. There are so many pictures and videos available across the web today that finding one viewed briefly in the past can be difficult. Titles will vary between similar pictures and videos. Some who are posting them will name them in ways which are completely distinct, meaning specific web pages or groups can’t always be found through the title under which an image or video was originally viewed. But using visual search engine technology and image recognition on, all the websites featuring such images/videos can be found, and a person looking for something specific can get exactly what they need much more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, visual search engine technology makes using the camera on your cell-phone in the non-digital world to find something easier than ever before.

There are two primary ways in which images are “searched” across the internet today. One is based in the information defining the image; things like keywords and text associated with the picture. This will produce a group of pictures which are then sorted by their degree of relevance. Information used to find the image can concern the format in which the image is presented, the colors used, titles associated with it, etcetera.

The second way in which visual searches are regularly conducted is through example. Computer vision methods are used to compare images which are similar. Shape, color, texture, or any other bit of visual data is extracted from a given image and searched. Because of the complication involved, higher computational power is used. That said, this is a more efficient means of searching for an image than using its metadata, as said data can be extremely diverse. The best methods today combine aspects of both techniques for maximum results.

One of the most popular visual search engine options right now is Slyce, which combines cutting-edge technology with outstanding leadership in order to most efficiently meet client needs. Cellular technology makes visual searching something which, with greater and greater accuracy, is more relevant today than ever before. Slyce makes it so that snapping a picture of anything anywhere will produce the most appropriate results with speed and accuracy. Slyce is equipped to handle all images; whether they be one-dimensional (like a bar-code), two-dimensional (think coupons and magazine pictures), or three dimensional (actual products and the like). Currently Slyce has partnered with a number of high-profile technology organizations, including Offerpop, Photon, and the Purchase Decisions Network.

Groups like Slyce are making visual search engine technology more advantageous than ever before, and the market is only growing. It makes sense to get abreast of visual search engine tech., if only to keep from being left behind by its progressive reinvention of search engines everywhere.

See It Now-Buy It Now

A new visual recognition technology was begun in 2013 by Slyce Inc. With their main offices located in Toronto, Canada Slyce developed a new search program that will recognize merchandise based on a photo and the user will be enabled to buy the specific item on their smartphone. The company is working with at least six of the top 20 retailers in the United States to utilize its new device as a mobile application. Founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot in January 2012. By February 2013 they were already announcing their new visual product recognition for larger retailers to use on their brand’s websites Slyce’s Snap-to-Buy products and services have steadily gained.

Leading visual product search platform Slyce Inc. made an official announcement that it has joined forces with Shoe Carnival the leading US shoe and accessories retailer. Shoe Carnival is implementing the visual search technology.Slyce has very recently announced that effective immediately, Ted Mann, has accepted the role as President of Slyce in addition to his job as President of Slyce’s Business-to-Consumer App Division. Mr. Mann joined Slyce in February 2015. Potential customers to Shoe using this new 3D visual search technology and take a photo of any footwear either in reality or even magazine pages with no time delay. They will immediately be given all direct or closest matching products from the very large Shoe Carnival shoe and accessory line. Then with only a few taps the desired merchandise can be bought.

Kent Zimmerman is VP of ecommerce at Shoe Carnival. He indicated a high level of excitement about adding Slyce’s visual search functionality. Mr. Zimmerman states that mobile is a big portion of their multi-channel strategy at Shoe Carnival, and that they are always on the lookout for means to keep ahead of the competition. And of course above all else we want to provide our customers with the most pleasant and convenient shopping experience possible. Indiana located Shoe Carnival is one of the largest US footwear retailers with upwards of 400 stores in thirty-four states and Puerto Rico. This banding together of Shoe Carnival and Slyce displays another huge milestone for our company says Slyce’s CEO Mark Elfenbein. This was the first large-scale use of the visual search technologies in todays marketplace. Now Slyce’s technology is being used by Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, Urban Outfitters and Home Depot.

The Effectiveness of Wen Hair Care Products

Anyone who watches television on a Sunday afternoon has probably seen a QVC infomercial for Wen hair care products at one time or another. They are highly endorsed by major women celebrities who claim the products totally changed their hair in a positive way. The creator of the products, who goes by “Chaz”, designed this special line of hair care products as part of a very unique hair maintenance system that takes some getting used to.

Regular shampoos have several chemicals in them that remove dirt, but they also strip away important natural oils from the hair too. This can leave hair brittle and dry. WEN Hair products work a little differently because they don’t contain any standard cleaners, just special oils. Also, instead of applying shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and a product for shine, only Wen cleansing conditioner is to be used.

Recently, a review on was done by Emily McClure discussing her week long testing of Wen hair care products. She mentioned that her hair is a little on the thin side naturally, but after using the Wen shampoo, it did feel a little thicker. She also noted that the amount of product that Chaz says should be used during showering is a lot more than most shampoos recommend. After a few days of using it, her hair was shinier but also more oily and weighted down.



Jon Urbana’s Post-Athletic Career and Initiatives Continue to Build

Jon Urbana launched a new GoFundMe campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to raise donations and funds for a non-profit organization called Earth Force. The motivation behind the GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force is due to his childhood that taught him to appreciate the beauty and health of environment. The campaign is aimed at bringing together youth to improve their local environments. Earth Force campaign seeks to raise $1,750 to facilitate Earth Force programs that will increase youth participation in environmental issues. Earth Force is spread out in 52 communities in Canada and United States. Details about the project can be found on

This initiative by Jon Urbana been documented through You Tube and can be found through this link He also recently started fundraiser to support the animal rescue and adoption society in Charlotte. The purpose of the fundraiser is to find the best place to harbor orphaned cats. This initiative can be found on YouTube through

A video detailing Jon Urbana’s vast interests and the various activities that he undertakes can be found on a very popular Vimeo channel maintained by Urbana, in addition to a DailyMotion presence at The video shares details on Jon Urbana’s professional life and the philanthropic activities that he has undertaken to ensure that he is making a positive impact in people’s life aside from being the Head Of Business Development for Ellipse USA which is a privately-held IPL and laser systems provider.

Jon’s mastery of photography has seen him take and post various pictures through his imgur account that allows him upload picture of different genres and categories. This can be found on
Jon’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp is a camp in Colorado that seeks to refine skills of young people in the Lacrosse game. The camp is a creation of Jon Urbana’s Villanova experience, where he gives the youth an opportunity to interact with some of the best Lacrosse players and learn a few things from them. Pictures of the Lacrosse Camp can be found on

Jon Urbana has been described as a interesting bloomer into the music industry. He enjoys remixing songs and coming up with new original tracks. Jon has an airplane and a Soundcloud account which he uses to share some of his music and also remixed music.

A $20 Million Loan Goes Unpaid

An article recently released on Press of Atlantic City talks about the unpaid loan of $20 million that Middlesex County Improvement Authority is still carrying. The previous month was met with failure of paying $1 million and interest to the Casino Reinvestment Development Company. There is already almost $7 million in failed payments. The loan has been up for more than 10 years at this point in relation to a development by New Brunswick Development Company, or DEVCO, a non-profit company.

Devco was founded in the mid-70s as an urban development real estate company. It was created in order to bring forth the revitalization of the city. IT was also recognized as powerful for economic growth by the New York Times. Devco according to, has been responsible for the renewed interest in new developments in the city. Devco is especially good at putting together alliances in order to bring about projects that increase the value of the city. Devco has been responsible for many diverse award winning projects. It also keeps the redevelopment of the city lively no matter how harsh conditions are. One good thing to say for Devco is that there is always a project being opened up and worked on because of the company’s involvement.


Making An Email That Catches Eyes

When Bob Reina asked for help making a five second video to embed in an email in 2007, America Online laughed. They said it was impossible.

In 2016, Reina is the one laughing. What changed?

Reina founded a company called Talk Fusion in 2007. This company is really something. They have found a way to make Reina’s dream come true: a five second video in an email. However, this time, he wasn’t limited to five seconds. Now, they can be as short as five seconds, or as long as ten minutes.

Talk Fusion has a steep starting price for each user, however. The first month of use comes at the hefty price of $175, but each month after that is a mere $20. The monthly price does give users access to everything the company has to offer. This includes the more than 1,000 templates for videos. All the user needs on their end, besides the money, is a webcam and a laptop or desk top. However, that’s not the only payment option. Users can choose to pay for a certain number of emails to be stored on the Talk Fusion servers too. To store 2,500 emails on the server, the user pays $200 a month.

Once the fee has been paid and the webcam obtained, the user can then pick their template. Then, they press the record button and record the video. Once the video has been recorded, the user uploads the video to the Talk Fusion servers. Then, they prep the email, add the recipients, and then embed the video into the email. Once that’s been done, the email is sent.

Once the email has been sent, the users can access the list of recipients. There, they can see who received it, who opened it, and who read it.

In all, Talk Fusion has certainly found a way to show the competition how to do it.