Rocketship Education, The Future Of Education

If you are a parent of a student who is at elementary level living in DC, then you are probably excited about the opening of the new Rocketship Education school that is currently under construction. If you are unfamiliar with Rocketship Education and their great works, don’t worry, you will know all about them pretty soon! Rocketship Education started their journey of teaching student in the early 2000s. They have always been interesting in providing education to grade school children. They have also always been interested in providing education to children who happen to live in lower than usual class neighborhoods.

Over the years, Rocketship Education have really provided themselves. After opening their first school in California, they’re test scores and success really surprised many people which forced them to gain lots of public attention. Because of all of this success, they are now opening several new locations. One of the locations happen to be located in DC. Everyone has been preparing for this school very early so that the student can have a great place to learn at. One of the things they have been doing in order to prepare for the students is interviewing future teachers.

Rocketship Education’s way of interviewing possible teachers is different from most schools. Rocketship Education is a school community that likes to keep the parents of the students who attend the school very involved with the school. Because of this, Rocketship Education’s parents have been interviewing possible teachers. Rocketship Education makes the interview process very tedious for possible teachers of the school. Possible teachers have to pass an interview with multiple people before they are even offered a position at the school.

Many parents enjoy the luxury of being able to interact and have a part in choosing who gets to educate their children. Having parents interview the teachers also shows the teachers that there is a sense of unity with the school and parents before they even become hired. Nevertheless, The new Rocketship Education’s school location is going to be an amazing place for students to learn, parents cannot wait til the grand opening!

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