Sunday Riley’s New Acid Serum Good Genes

Sunday Riley, the cult beauty brand, launched in 2009 and was founded by the woman with the same name. She views making beauty products as an art form through trial and error and learned about cosmetics on the job. She is proud of all of the products on her line, and if she isn’t satisfied with a product, then she cuts it from her line. Sunday Riley says that she takes hundreds of times to get the products right before she’s pleased with them.

Good Genes all-in-one lactic acid treatment is one of the more challenging products that Sunday Riley has made. Her job in creating these products is a dream come true, but she has no illusions that she is the brand and vice versa. She feels humbled for being trusted by so many women to have a great product. Good Genes by Sunday Riley brand works well with all skin colors and will reduce ingrown hairs and help solve them. You can use it day or night, it being more of a serum, and doesn’t make the skin too sensitive to the sun. There are not many acid treatments in the skin care industry, so with the brand loyalty she has, she feels that she can make this acid sell.

Sunday Riley tries to not obsessively stalk her brand’s product comments on social media as she doesn’t want to connect with fear or with praise. With praise, the product Good Genes make many people look great, and word of mouth has helped her tremendously with that product with an uptick in sales.

Sunday Riley was named by her father in the hopes that she would go into business someday which was fortuitous because she did. Her first makeup line was pared down many years ago, as it was too ambitious and didn’t have enough brand clout to keep going. Now, with that clout, she is free to work on makeup products like she is and continue to please her niche customer base.

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