Thanks to the Efforts and Knowledge of Peter Briger Fortress Investment Group Continues to Thrive

Accomplishing its goals seems to be much easier for Fortress Investment Group since it fell under the rule of Mr. Peter Briger. The firm now manages more property than every before, and it has also steadily grown its market since he rose to the top. Canada’s Intrawest was a company that Briger helped the organization with acquiring. He was also instrumental in the 2007 decision by Fortress Investment Group to begin with a special type of stocks to offer to potential buyers. This was known as an IPO, and many other companies have followed suit and launched their own IPO’s in the years since Fortress paved the way. Check out to learn more about Peter Briger.

Recently, there was a special deal that saw Fortress Investment Group be purchased by a massive technology business hailing from Japan, which is called SoftBank. Peter Briger’s previous expertise with Japanese and Asian markets was something that Fortress was definitely lucky to be able to leverage during the negotiation of that deal. Peter Briger gained this expertise while he was in another financial company, which bears a name that will be well-recognized by most — Goldman, Sachs & Co. Most people would have difficulty attaining a position at any strong investment firm, but it certainly says a lot about Peter Briger’s skills and reputation that he was able to fill important roles at two such organizations.

The man who Fortress Investment Group now calls principal and chairman doesn’t just have impressive professional experience to show for himself, though. Peter Briger has an academic past that is just as impressive, and he even was an undergraduate student at the competitive Ivy league institution, Princeton University! Between graduating form Princeton and entering the sector he would ultimately find success in, Peter Briger completed the necessary classes for his MBA at Pennsylvania University’s business school, which is called Wharton Business School. He is certainly putting what he learned there to good use, which is great new for Fortress Investment Group. The firm has assets valued in the eight figures, and it is of the utmost importance to have someone extremely knowledgeable serving the role of principal.

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